17 fevereiro 2006

It is easy to defend the freedom when we erase history.

In article published in day 16 of February in the FSP "Liberty of speech, unnegotiable currency ", psychiatrist THEODORE DALRYMPLE one more time reedits the travestido colonialismo of press freedom. When commenting the religious revolt against charges Danish it affirms that "he is difficult to think about an only Muslim country that tolerates the public religious questioning and exempts or the rejection of all the religious affirmations. In the measure where this is fact, the Muslen live in previous a mental world to the Iluminismo, as if Voltaire never had lived. Ademais, the extremistas between them look for to impose this mentality to the Ocidente."Volteire...who?! The critical one to U.S.A. enters in Iraq, e the order of excuses of the press for the publication of charges, the author treats the public manifestations with something is of History. Its analysis to the end reedits the old formula civilized We, the Other Barbarians who served of excuse the centuries of domination and violence against the not occidental societies. It is as if the life occidental person had killed History or, as Marx said, seating in. The social life goes to continue with its contradictions and the politics always goes to be the privileged place for men and women. Of fact what it is wanted is to barbarizar the Other still more therefore, if the Ocidente won is because they foramincapazes to be affirmed as civilizations! It is not possible to refuse history, duly warned to transform the Other into a dispensable one.

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